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voiceover demos, Lori Furth – the Spot On Voice The Best Female Voiceover Talent for your Business! I pride myself on being easy to work with and having a great attitude, too! Spot-on delivery, quick turn-around…I’m the ultimate professional! A natural, fun, warm female voice talent, I can be perky, comfortable, girl-next- door, energetic and relatable. My voice-overs vary from middle-aged mom to slow and serious for narration. I can be mellow, caring, kind, believable. I have a conversational style with smooth tones. voiceover demos

Lori Furth • The Spot On Voice

For over 18 years, Lori has been working to provide clients both large and small with a voice they can relate to, and her results are amazing. Check out her video & audio demos to hear her work.

Lori’s voice is…

Warm and friendly, relatable and knowledgeable, Lori can provide a real person’s voice to your audio project.

Where she’s coming from…

Lori worked in corporate communications for many years after graduating from college, and has experience developing, writing and producing communication materials for Fortune-500 companies. She understands business, advertising and education from an insider’s point of view and brings those skills to her voiceover projects.

Let’s talk about helping your business grow with effective advertising!

  310 • 817 • 6540         lori@spotonvo.com

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